The Journey Begins


The journey begins…


I just knew I had to go north.

A journey always begins when I feel a tug, like a string being pulled, at my heart.

You’ll always know the way, if you follow your heart.

Words I lived by, spoken by my mother when I was too young to understand. She knew me well. How I’d rather run than walk. How I’d twirl and dance, the earth beneath my feet, arms reaching like wings to fly. Honey brown hair, streaking blonde in the sun; eyes the colour of sea-glass.

“She’ll break hearts,” my father once said. “No, she’ll heal hearts,” said my mother confidently.

Perhaps that’s why they’d named me Bhakti. A search beginning, continuing, and ending in love.

A journey of love.

The road…

The journey north began with a dream.

I dreamt of an isolated beach with blinding white sand; the sea a sparkling blue, with white-capped waves. I walked along this beach, white boho dress flowing, my hair unbound, face turned towards the sun. When I moved, I could hear bells.

Around my ankles were tied delicate bracelets made from shells, glass crystals and the tiniest bells. Just hearing the sound I laughed joyfully, spinning around to make the bells sing.

But I wasn’t alone. I felt that tug at my heart, sensing that whoever was walking towards me, I was meant to meet them, as if I’d called to this person, like a beacon in a vast, endless sea.

Waking from the dream, my heart ached to know who had been coming my way.

I loved adventures. I’d ridden horses in the wilds of Patagonia. I’d slept on beaches in Hawaii, trading Tarot readings, oracle cards, crystals and the turquoise jewellery I’d made for surfboards, for a meal, or a place to stay. I’d criss-crossed Europe on trains; trailed the ancient byways of the Silk Road through Asia, and made an epic road trip along Highway 61 – the Blues Highway – from St. Paul, Minnesota, heading south to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

Following my intuition, I’d wandered the world utilising my skills to heal and guide, all the while believing if I kept moving, I’d be free.

But this dream…this desire was something else.

As the sun rose above the campground where I’d parked my sky blue, VW Kombi van, I readied to leave. I’d been travelling south along the eastern coast of Australia, but I took a chance on that dream.

I went north.

The way home…

“Need help?”

I was sitting under a tree outside the only service station in a one-street town, looking hopelessly at a map. Shading my eyes, I looked at the stranger who’d been kind enough to ask.

He gave a friendly smile. “Lost? I manage the station.”

“Do you have any idea where I could find a beautiful, remote beach?”

He laughed. “Actually, I do.” And he pointed to a spot on the map. “Great surf spot,” he added, noticing the surfboard strapped to the roof of my van.

Due north. Not 5km from where I sat.

Driving along the dirt track leading to the beach, my heart beat a wild rhythm. And my mother’s words came back to me, “You will travel far, but remember, a journey always begins and ends with you.”

Before stepping out of the van, I reached into a leather shoulder bag I’d stitched with bright coloured yarn in a zigzag pattern and put on my tortoiseshell sunglasses. On the road, I’d sourced shells, a necklace of quartz crystals, slices of moonstone and a suede vest edged with tassels. I recreated the ankle bracelets from the dream.

I tied them on before making the trek to the beach.

It was just as I’d imagined. The sea. The sky. The sand. A few surfers were out catching waves. Laughing, I was entranced by the sound I made with each step. Feeling the earth’s energy beneath my feet, I raised my arms and spun like a top. The rush of the air and waves, the tinkling of the crystal jewellery was the music that had spun my dream, had led me here.

Perhaps it was chance; perhaps I would have waited until someone came along so I could make that dream real. But I was guided by something bigger than a dream. I came from a line of Gypsies on my mother’s side. Travellers. It was in my blood. Every dream, every instinct had meaning, shaping my very existence.

So when I saw a lone figure walking towards me, I accepted it, stopped and waited.

Unlike the dream, he came close enough so that I saw his face. Closer still, I saw his eyes. An impossible blue.

He didn’t seem at all surprised to see me.

Smiling broadly, he said, “Hey, I just anchored my boat offshore. Strangest thing – I had a feeling I wouldn’t be the only one here. But I had no idea I’d find you.”

My smile mirrored his. “I’m Bhakti.”

His eyes shone. “Beautiful.” Then he looked around. “So is this place.”

I stood on the cusp of a journey I’d never known was possible. I’d thought being free meant never being tied down, moving from place to place, but finding roots with someone who allows you to just be – that’s the journey home.

Another way to be free.

I was about to have one of the greatest adventures of my life.


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