Spirit of Hawaii

Beautiful seashore with calm cristal clear water
Ocean of Love
November 19, 2015
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Spirit of Hawaii

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Going to Hawaii was definitely a dream. I visited the exotic island of Oahu taking in the lush landscaping, the breathtaking views and the majestic beauty of nature all around me. It took my breath away. I stood on the edge of the Earth looking out at the crystal clear waters of the island. The ocean dancing beneath the sunlight which sparkled flecks of gold upon the rippling waves. It was a rich, deep blue, shimmering turquoise and green on the foamy white surf.

The golden sand shimmered brilliantly in the sun’s heat. I stood there taking it all in. Sun. Salt. Sea. The warm sand beneath my toes, the gentle waves touching my feet. I stepped out deeper into the silky water. The water was cool and refreshing; sliding around my legs I plunged into the deep swimming deeper in the turquoise water. Sunlight streamed through the water, radiating gold all around me. I swam to the top and thrust out of the water watching little rainbows glisten through the ocean spray.

To my surprise, I looked out and saw dolphins! What a beautiful sight. I felt their smooth, skin as they swam around me, brushing past me like silk. They nuzzled their smiling faces right up to me dancing playfully in front of me till the sun went down. Just then I thought, I will never forget this moment. This was one of the best experiences of my life.