Ocean of Love

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October 26, 2015
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November 19, 2015
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Ocean of Love

Beautiful seashore with calm cristal clear water

The sun sparkled upon the white capped waves flickering shades of gold over the turquoise waters off the Coast of Bohemia. I loved this place how I could drift freely upon the summer breeze as it caressed my heart with promises of endless adventure. The sea. The sky. The sand. Where I felt the happiest, at one with nature – connected and free.

As a child I longed to be a mermaid, perhaps these childish urges don’t ever go away. If I could slip into the deep blue and swim with the dolphins I knew I would never return. The ocean is the only place I call home. The soft waves crashing against my feet, brushing my skin with a gentle invitation. I felt the ocean beckon me into its flow experiencing its freedom deep into my Soul.

I closed my eyes and felt the cool breeze, stealing warmth on my skin, salt in my hair, I stood intoxicated in this oceanic existence. With my white maxi dress I swirled and twirled inspired by the movements of the sea. The lacy waves sounding like drums echoed through my heart, as I danced wildly upon the glittering sand, the flurry of water erasing each footprint. In this moment everything was perfect.

The taste of the ocean whispered like a lover upon my lips, placing fragrant kisses upon my cheek and tousling my golden hair. No description can truly capture its romance, and only a few words can express its beauty.