Bird & Kite SS2015 at BHAKTI | Indigo Dreaming

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November 30, 2015
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January 2, 2016
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Bird & Kite SS2015 at BHAKTI | Indigo Dreaming

Shine on Kaftan Songline Navy

Indigo Dreaming by Bird & Kite is a stunning collection inspired by the subtle hues of the ocean and life by the sea. Beautiful fabrics that gently drape the body in soft feminine lines, using Crepe Fujette, Voile & Cotton that feel like you’re drifting upon a breeze. Combining delicate shades of Navy and white, and hints of patterns make this collection flawless.

Picture loose flowing maxi dresses that are soft and whimsical, with keyhole backs that exude style for every occasion. Style that is timeless, elegant and devoted to the nature of women.

One of our favourite pieces is the Shine on Kaftan. It is ideal for summer by the beach thrown over your bikini, or pair it up with a handful of Poatri Jewellery, roman sandals and Black Tort Sunglasses for a real Boho look.

Indigo Dreaming captures the essence of the wild together with the feminine where classic elegance meets Bohemian Luxe. Each design a reflection of every woman, all ages, and shapes and from all walks of life.

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