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Antilila Arm Cuff
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Antilila Arm Cuff

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Out of this world quartz crystal arm cuff. This piece epitomises the Moongrazer collection. The beautiful thick cuff features the phases of the moon on each side with a moonstone slice representing the full moon. The 3 quartz crystals on top are litteraly to die for. This statement cuff is coolest when worn with one on each arm. Made with brass and plated with .925 silver.

The band is 14mm thick. The centre crystal is 55mm x 20mm. The crystals on each side are 40mm x 14mm.

The weight is 76 grams.

Throughout history, quartz has been valued by nearly every civilisation as far back as Atlantis, where the sun’s power was believed to be harnessed through these crystals bringing pure light and energy to those who were adorned by them. Wear quartz to strengthen the body’s energy and promote harmony within.

Moonstone’s are a natural gemstone, the name is derived from the visual effect caused when light hits the stone. The moonstone is a personal stone and it’s colours are thought to be a reflection of the person wearing it. It is often considered a good luck token.

This purchase comes in a suede keepsake pouch for long term storage and protection.

Designed in Australia / Handmade in India

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