Cable Beach

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November 19, 2015
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Cable Beach

Beautiful sexy surfer girl on the beach at sunset

The Wanderer

From desert to sea.

That was our destination.

I was driving when Lux got a text. “Phone reception – finally! And it’s on!”

“The fashion shoot?” We’d been travelling through the Kimberley region, approaching Fitzroy Crossing.

“Yes! Cable Beach here we come!”

I laughed at Lux waving her arms. We were twins today, wearing halter neck tops and flip-flops, the airy lightness a relief in the heat.

My heart soared at imagining the sea. Then dived. For three days straight I’d pulled the ‘Fool’ card from my tarot deck. Each day to strengthen my instincts, I’d pull a card as a guide.

The Fool. The Wanderer.

“You’re quiet – still stuck on that Wanderer card?”

I nodded. “When I try to interpret – it’s like I’m blocked.”

Lux slid her Black Ivy sunglasses down her nose. “Bhakti – babe, it’s a pretty obvious card for you. Young, free, adventurous, optimistic – sound familiar?”

Her playfulness was infectious. “Sorry, it just freaked me out.”

“Bhakti – three words: Cable. Beach. Heaven.”

“Heaven!” We whooped, punching the air.


“Wow,” Lux exclaimed at the first sight of the glittering, turquoise sea and bleached, white sand of Cable Beach.

We didn’t think – we jumped out of the Kombi van, threw off our jean shorts and tank tops, and ran in our bikinis along the beach. I dived into the sea needing the water like air.

We stayed with Lux’s former boyfriend, Ray, an artist. Lazy afternoons while Lux did her photographer thing, I drifted in a hammock strung up on the wide veranda. We barbequed fish caught that day, eating under the stars, the nights balmy. They begged me to play my guitar. I sung songs of love. I adored camels – Lux didn’t – and rode them at dawn and dusk along the beach.

“Go diving at Rowley Shoals, you’ll love it,” suggested Niko.

My lover. My love.

We’d had a glorious month together after meeting that fateful day, before I caught up with Lux for our road trip. Niko was in Bali – a travel writer, nomad, living on his boat.

I missed him. Every day.

Lux and I went diving at the Shoals, marvelling at the coral gardens, and got swept away parasailing at Cable Beach.

Having filled in last minute for a model on the shoot, I wore my ‘payment’, a suede Navajo Poncho over my bikini, as I walked one morning by the sea.

“You’re not from around here.”

I turned, taking in the stranger’s bronzed skin and lustrous, amber eyes. Around his neck on a leather thong, was a pentacle.

“No, I’m not.”

“Ah, you’re a wanderer.”

“What do you mean?” How did he know?

“Curious about the world. A sense of wonder. A connection to the living earth and a true empathy for those you meet. An old soul.”

“And you?”

“This is my home,” he said simply.

We walked companionably in silence.

“We’re never alone,” he mused. “It amazes me to think that we all breathe the same air. It connects us. Fuels our blood. Our life force. I’ve travelled the world, and yet that simple fact anchors me. Fills me with love.”

Tears pricked my eyes. I was far from my family, far from Niko, and Lux had her own journey to follow. I wanted to experience so much, yet my heart yearned to connect to the people who mattered most to me.

He stopped, his words a blessing. “Trust that everything is within you, no matter how far you wander.”


I never discovered his name. He may have been a shaman. A guide. He asked me to do one thing before leaving Cable Beach.

I drove to Town Beach at Roebuck Bay. What greeted me was breathtaking.

I sat amongst a crowd on the beach at low tide as the full moon rose above the mudflats. For the occasion, I wore my navy kaftan dress with the rope ties, my feet bare. Before me unfolded a phenomenon the stranger called, the ‘Staircase to the Moon’. The moon shimmered with vibrant orange and red hues that leached into the sky, and beneath the glowing disc, bars of reflected light like steps, reached towards it.

Nature’s stunning gift of beauty.

The stranger’s kindness, his understanding of what I needed, was astounding.

Lux confessed she was staying. I’d felt the love between her and Ray. A reignited spark. Our road journey together was ending, but not our journey through life. On my wrist was a silver bracelet with a disc etched with the words, ‘I love you’. Lux gave it to me. We were soul sisters. Star sisters. Always.

I took a photo of the moon with my phone, sent it to Niko.

His reply: Stunning – like you. At sea & heading your way, want to go surfing?